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Imagine stepping into who you were meant to be ....

Hi! I'm Sara, I'm here to help you cultivate a well lived life, one, that at this point, you can only just imagine!

I am a married Mom of three; two boys (19 & 17) and one 13 year old girl.

About 25 years ago, I graduated with a BA in psychology with plans of continuing my education and become a therapist, but as life often does, my life  went in other directions for many years, but no matter what I did, I always felt I had a bigger calling to help people in some way, but not knowing how...until I found coaching - Which quite literally changed my life.....


Bare: 8 week Program

Personal Coaching

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Personal Coaching 

I am here to help you peel back the layers, and uncover what brings you joy, and purpose.  I am not here to "fix" you (because you are not broken!!), but to help you uncover the life you long for.  A life where your wants and needs are just as important as everyone elses. 


 Imagine how it would feel to be more relaxed and attuned to the simple pleasures in life, to say no to all the "obligations" that keep you spinning in overwhelm.  Imagine what it would feel like to take better care of yourself, and regularily indulge in self-care activities without guilt.  


Picture what it would feel like to remember who you are, and to let go of "who" everyone expects you to be?

Through coaching tools, and mindset resets I can help you reclaim you.

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Is coaching for you?

Unsure if coaching is for you?  Book a free 30 min consultation, and we will go over what coaching is and isn’t, and see if we’re a good fit.   Please click on the link below .

I'm ready to be coached!!

**Due to Covid, all coaching is done through the Zoom on-line platform.**

 I you would like to be coached  please click below to schedule a session.


Bare 8 Week Coaching Program

"Women Don't Need More Willpower, they NEED more Pleasure!!"  Susan Hyatt

What is BARE?

If you are looking for a diet, then this is not for you!  BARE is not a cleanse, a detox, or a diet.

It's about bringing in more joy into your life, and letting go of emotional and environmental clutter that is "weighing" you down.  It is learning to speak your truth outloud! It is a total lifestyle change built on a foundation of self love and a progression of steps that show you how to move through your day—and feel your feelings—without “needing” the numbing, protective shield that overeating can provide. You’ll decode your eating habits and figure out why you feel that urge to snack when you’re not really hungry.

Healthy Food
Summer Girls

You’ll infuse your life with new experiences so that food is no longer your primary (or only) source of pleasure, excitement, or entertainment.


You’ll reconnect with your dreams, goals, and desires and start leading the life you really want, now, instead of postponing your dreams until “someday later” when your body is “perfect.”  


This method won’t just give you a smaller waistline—it’s about creating a bigger, braver life.

I am thrilled to be one of a very small handful of certified BARE method coaches, personally trained by the originator of the BARE method herself, Susan Hyatt. This process is incredible and I can’t wait to share it with you.

How it works

By working with a certified BARE coach you will learn:

  • How to manage your emotions (stress, anxiety, boredom, etc.) without turning to food for comfort, numbing, support, or entertainment.

  • How to find sources of pleasure and excitement that are not food-related.

  • How to cultivate more love and respect for your body, even if you are not currently living at your natural weight yet.

  • How to tune into your body’s natural signals of hunger and fullness so that you understand when to start and stop eating, you leave meals feeling energized (not sluggish), and you never have to count calories again.

P.S. These recipes aren't "diet" recipes, but  tasty, nutritious foods that will fuel your body!!

Ice Cream Cone
Friends at the Beach

How to get started:


Click on the link below to schedule a 30 min call. We’ll set up a brief zoom call so that you can ask any questions you might have about BARE, what to expect as we work together, or anything else on your mind.

After that quick call, if you’re feeling ready to proceed, we’ll get started!

Please schedule a call to learn more.


Contact: Sara McDonald


Please email me or schedule an appointment for prices.

What small changes can you make right no
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“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things because we are curious, and curiosity leads us down new paths ”

Walt Disney

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